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Durability + Safety = Green Results

Deba Ningbo believes in durability: we manufacture switchgear that is built to last. An important result of this long-term philosophy is that our products are inherently green. Our medium-voltage switchgear lasts longer and works more efficiently, which contributes to the environment.

We don’t believe in short-term green measures: at Deba Ningbo, we build products that do not waste valuable resources. By working with the very best of materials, and the fewest possible parts, we craft medium-voltage switchgear that has a superior lifespan compared to other switchgear. It allows us to keep our ecological footprint as nimble as possible.

The second layer of our philosophy, safety, again offers a significant sustainable advantage. By engineering our medium-voltage switchgear to operate as safely as possible, we keep the impact on the environment very low. Our switchgear is conceived to prevent explosions or fire, no harmful toxic gasses or fumes are released.

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Yun Wang
Yun WangPlant Manager
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